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Plans and Pricing

Choose the Plan That Best Suits Your Digital Media Needs

At Digital Motion Media, we offer a range of flexible plans tailored to fit various business sizes and needs. From one-time project support to our comprehensive Digital Access Pass subscription, find the perfect solution for your digital media requirements.

Web Design

  • Basic Website: Starting at $1,500
    • Up to 5 pages, responsive design, basic SEO.

Video Production

  • Standard Package: Starting at $1,000
    • Includes scripting, shooting, and editing for up to a 5-minute video.
  • Premium Package: Starting at $2,500
    • Extended features, including longer video length, advanced graphics, and animations.

Podcast Production

  • Episode Production:
    $50 per hour of space usage
    $300 for Full Day
  • $200 for Editing, mixing, and basic content consultation.

Digital Access Pass Subscriptions


Your all-in-one monthly subscription for continuous digital media support.
 *all subscriptions are for a period of a year, if terminated early balance due at time of termination.


Audio Only Subscriptions


$500 / month
  • Editing and mixing for up to 4 episodes (up to 60 minutes each)
  • Basic sound enhancement
  • Consultation on content structure
  • Save $500 a Month via Membership


$1000 / month
  • Editing and mixing for up to 8 episodes (up to 60 minutes each)
  • Advanced sound enhancement and noise reduction
  • Detailed content consultation and script review
  • Intro and outro music integration
  • Save $1000 a Month


$1500 / month
  • Unlimited podcast episode editing (up to 60 minutes each)
  • Premium sound design and custom music creation
  • Full content strategy support, including topic generation and guest coordination
  • Promotional audio snippets for social media
  • Save $2000 a Month

Video Production Plans

Creator’s Cut

$1500 / month
  • Ideal for solo creators and small projects
  • Monthly video edit (up to 10 minutes)
  • Basic graphics and animations
  • Color correction and audio enhancement
  • Save $500 a Month via Membership

Studio Pro

$3000 / month
  • Perfect for growing businesses and professional studios
  • Bi-monthly video edits (up to 15 minutes each)
  • Advanced graphics, animations, and titling
  • Green screen editing and custom visual effects
  • Save $1000 a Month

Cinematic Elite

$5000 / month
  • Tailored for large-scale productions and enterprises
  • Weekly video edits (up to 20 minutes each)
  • Cinematic color grading and premium visual effects
  • Concept development and storyboard creation
  • Assistance with video shooting techniques
  • Save $2000 a Month

Mixed Media Plans

Digital Innovator

$1500 / month
  • A stepping stone for integrating audio and video
  • Monthly videUp to 2 podcast episodes and 1 video edit (up to 10 minutes)o edit (up to 10 minutes)
  • Basic audio and video enhancements
  • Social media content consultation
  • Save $500 a Month via Membership

Multimedia Maven

$3500 / month
  • For a robust and dynamic media presence
  • Up to 4 podcast episodes and 2 video edits (up to 15 minutes each)
  • Advanced sound and visual effects
  • Integrated content strategy across podcast and video
  • Save $1000 a Month

Content Conqueror

$6000 / month
  • Ultimate package for comprehensive media needs
  • Unlimited podcast episodes and weekly video edits (up to 20 minutes each)
  • Premium enhancements and custom design elements
  • Comprehensive digital media strategy, including SEO optimization and analytics
  • Save $2000 a Month